"To Feel Valued and Have Impact" Eric Haberacker, July Employee Spotlight

My Hand & Stone journey began long before being employed by this world-class organization. A lifetime of skills and experiences have been compiled to bring me where I am today. Most young people have little understanding of what they want to be when they grow up. I am not unique here, but I did and continue to know these two things – I’ve always wanted to have the opportunity to feel valued and have impact every day.

As the Director of Social Media at Hand & Stone, I have the privilege of leading a small team of highly skilled social media professionals. For hundreds of franchise locations, we develop and post organic content, run advertising campaigns, and optimize strategies to maximize the impact of social media daily. We also lead the efforts to identify influencers and brand ambassadors, which allows us to tap into audiences that might otherwise be difficult to engage. In addition, my team works very closely with new owners by running grand opening marketing campaigns, giving them the best chance for early success.

All of this sounds pretty ordinary but in reality, working at Hand & Stone is nothing but ordinary. Every day presents new opportunities to learn and lead, strategize and problem solve, connect, and grow. All of which makes for a conducive work environment.

Again, all of this appears great but the real reason I joined Hand & Stone was to have the ability to make a difference EVERY SINGLE DAY. This organization is not big corporate America. There are not multiple layers of approvals required to get things done. There are appropriate checks and balances but there is a strong culture of regular experimentation and a “give it a try” approach. If we do our research and back our ideas with a solid data-driven approach, we will quickly determine if our strategies can positively impact the franchisees and the organization as a whole.

My Hand & Stone narrative is just beginning to unfold. I look forward to many more chapters that explore all aspects of the business. But what I already know is this will be an exciting adventure that offers limitless opportunity, success, and most of all, happiness.